Welcome 2018 Monster Media Racing

Welcome 2018

The holidays are over, the New Year is here and the 2018 Monster Media Racing Team is bigger and better than ever. The 2018 Team will arguably be one of the best-talented teams that we have ever assembled Nationwide.

The Monster Media Racing Team is the first-ever national focused cycling team with the primary function of being a marketing agency in pursuit of fostering healthy competitive cycling in the United States for the mutual benefit of athletes, sponsors, and communities.


The team’s partners, all of whom are enlivened by the unique distribution opportunities offered by the national footprint of the Monster Media Racing Team’s vision, include:

Masi Bicycles, Mercury Wheels, The Stonehouse Group, Red Truck, Bike Flights, Lippert Construction, Kask Helmets, JLVelo, Shimano, Junk Jam, The Bar Fly, Ergogenic Sports Nutrition, ODI, Pioneer Power Meters, Bemer Group, Topical Edge, 3T Cycling, Veo Strip, Smanie, 100% Eyewear, Compex, Multi Radiance Medical, Prints on Wood, Source Endurance Coaching, The Lost Abbey, Wend Wax, Beet Extreme, and Monster Media Inc.

We are eternally grateful for the support of our partners, without whom we could not pursue of vision of growing the sport of cycling. Learn more about any of our partners by simply clicking their logo below or our Facebook Partner Page.


We have 11 strong Chapters with our first global chapter in Mexico. The Monster Media Racing Team is an expanding network of chapters throughout the US and growing globally, serving its mission of Healthy Competitive Cycling. Without all our truly dedicated Chapter Leaders, our vision would not happen.

  • SoCal in California
  • Arizona
  • Mexico
  • Northwest in Oregon and Washington
  • Idaho in Idaho
  • Las Vegas in Nevada
  • North Carolina in North Carolina
  • Indiana in Indiana
  • Florida
  • Virginia in West Virginia
  • Ventura


This year the team will boast one of the best teams we have ever put together. We will have Multi World Champions, National Champions, State Champions, Race Winners, and the most talented development and club riders in the US and Mexico.

Steve Remy
Steve Remy

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