Red Trolley Crit. Cat. 3 – Solo Win

“Don’t do any work!”  Those were Chris DeMarchi’s last words of advice to our three man team as we drank our bottles of Hemo-Surge and popped a couple NOS Red, in preparation for our race.  For the first third of the race Nick Tarrant, Nathan Seaford and I never touched the wind.  Twenty minutes in, a couple large breaks formed and I hopped into them but they didn’t last long.  By now I was getting eager to open up my legs, and I kept a keen eye for a strong move.  Finally, with about 25 minutes to go I was ready.  During a lull I rode off the front with one other rider.  We ripped around the first turn, clear of the group, and started to team time trial.  After only working the break for two laps, I could see the pain of my opponent in his eyes and gritted teeth.  I let him pull one last time into the head wind and set off on a 20 minutes solo TT to the finish.  As the laps added up the hill felt a bit longer and steeper every time.  The worst part was the head wind immediately after the hill.  The brutal gusts were my bane, but I just told myself if I could make it to turn one I was set, I could ease up a tad on the decline until I reached the climb yet again.  The pain built and built, every lap, but the cheers of fans around the course seemed to relieve my agony and help me to maintain my composure.  I remembered to drink my bottle of EO2 edge and pop a Gu so I stay fueled and barreled on. Every lap I occupied myself by determining how I should pose for Danny Munson’s camera, and laughed to myself as I reflected on the team plan, “No Work”, while I threw up in my mouth.  At last, on my approach to the finish, I heard the bell ringing.  I felt relieved, I still had a gap with one lap to go, I had won.  Then I heard Chris yell, “One to go, give it all you got!” I was quickly reminded, by screaming voices, that I only had a 15 second lead.  I burnt my last match and flew down the road after victory.  I was so focused now that the climb no longer hurt and I floated up with the cheers of the crowd in my ears.  I threw up my arms and pedaled across the line with a giant smile.  Two days in a row I was able to win a Cat. 3 race solo.

Thank you Zoot for all your compression gear, Podium legs for a great massage and especially MRI Endurance for some awesome Red Repair PM, all of your products helped my recovery for a second day of breakaways.  Thank you Lord for your blessings.

Seth Veenbaas