Partner Spotlight – Source Endurance / Professional Coaching

Every few weeks we will shine the spotlight on one of our great team Partners. We want to acknowledge that without them, our team would not be possible. With the best services and products on the market, it’s our duty to share what we all ready know, we have the best Partners!!

Our Partner Spotlight is Source Endurance 


Source Endurance: the science of results. What does that mean? With a pool of coaches holding a multitude of master’s and bachelor’s  along with many certifications related to exercise science, physiology, nutrition, and humanities, they are an educated crew who continue to review the latest studies to be sure that the coaching offered is cutting edge and relevant. Many have also raced professionally and coached professionals to allow them to combine the scientific background with the applicable real-world experience. Source Endurance consults with a slew of current professionals and over a dozen national champions, in multiple disciplines in multiple nations. They know their stuff.

Tiered coaching services allow for a range of services and in-depth conversations and file-analysis with your coach. Additional services included testing, one-on-one nutrition consultations, as well as private camps and clinics.

Data shows that doing 90% of the workouts for 9 months can yield a 9% gain. Are you ready for that?

Learn more about Source Endurance and how they use the latest studies and data to prescribe specific workouts tailored to you, your goals, and your schedule by clicking here.

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Just some of the top racers that we coach:

Joseph Schmalz- Elevate Pro Cycling
Eric Marcotte- Rally Pro Cycling
Christian Helmig- Luxembourg National Champion- Cyclocross, XC MTB,
Connor brown. 2015 D1 Collegiate champ, Elevate Pro Cycling
Whitney Allison- Colavita-Bianchi Pro Cycling
Zach McDonald- KCCX
Bob Cummings- Panaracer No Tubes
Steve Remy
Steve Remy

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