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Every few weeks we will shine the spotlight on one of our great team Partners. We want to acknowledge that without them, our team would not be possible. With the best services and products on the market, it’s our duty to share what we all ready know, we have the best Partners!!

Our Partner Spotlight is Mercury Wheels      logo

Another long standing Partner with Monster Media SPY Racing, Mercury Wheels, has been under our riders since the start of Monster Media SPY Racing. With Mercury now growing nation wide and being known for some of the best wheels on the market, we look forward to a long future with Mercury.

Mercury Wheels prides itself on designing the fastest, most reliable and stiffest wheel set possible, but we never rest on our previous masterpiece. We place a strong emphasis in researching, developing and testing new materials to lighten and make our wheels stronger.  We comb through aerodynamic data finding new rim profiles to make our wheels more aero.  We will leave no stone unturned to ensure you have the highest performing wheels on the market.

Below are just a few of the phenomenal wheels they produce.

The flagship wheel – M5 Carbon


The M5’s have seen countless podium finishes on varying courses. They are light enough to handle the steepest of climbs yet deep enough to provide you with an “unfair” aerodynamic advantage over your nearest competitor. The M5’s will bring you to the line alone. It is up to you to decide how to celebrate the win.

M9 Carbon

M9-Pair-6_grande (3)

Buying speed…legally. This wheel set has been designed with one thing in mind, raw speed.

An abundance of depth at 80mm, this wheel has graced many bikes in the pro peloton. Sure it is deep and fast, but the shape has been optimized to create one of the most aerodynamic profiles in the business. The M9’s have been seen in the Faster wind tunnel with the SmartStop Pro Cycling team under real world conditions with the bike and rider. As expected our wheels proved to be some of the fastest wheels on the market.

During windy races, it is often difficult to keep from getting blown from one side of the road to another due to the depth of the rim. Being effected by a crosswind section will take your mind off of your intended goal, winning. We designed the rim with a rounded trailing edge which allows the cross winds to navigate with the least amount of disturbance.

Check out the world of Mercury Wheels.

2016 masi evo
Monster Media SPY bikes come stock with M5 Clinchers.

Mercury Wheels

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