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Every few weeks we will shine the spotlight on one of our great team Partners. We want to acknowledge that without them, our team would not be possible. With the best services and products on the market, it’s our duty to share what we all ready know, we have the best Partners!!

Our Partner Spotlight is Mercury Wheels

Mercury has been a staple Partner of MMR. Every year, we are stoked to be on the strongest wheels on the market.

Hand Built
There are 5 components to a wheel; rim, hub, spoke, nipple and the build. We use some of the strongest, lightest and fastest components on the planet but often over looked is the quality of the actual build. Mercury takes great pride in building all of our wheels by hand to ensure the best ride quality and performance.

Rims- All of our rims are engineered to handle the balance between lightweight, stiff and durable. Utilizing Finite Element Analysis(FEA) to optimize the rim profile and materials used, we engineer our rims to be not only light and durable, but have an unparalleled ride quality.
Hubs- Mercury uses a mixture of alloys to create a light and reliable hub. They come with 6 six sealed bearings, 3 pawls with extra strength springs to ensure fast engagement and are fully serviceable. Mercury’s Disc hubs come with 6 sealed bearings, 4 pawls, 108 points of lightening fast engagement and are fully serviceable. The front can be converted from 100/15mm to QR, 12 or predictive steering by a simple end cap swap. The rear can be 12/142mm or QR/135mm with an axle swap. We also have boost hubs available in 110/15mm (F) ; 12/148mm (R).

Carbon wheels: An all new brake track and brake pads have been developed to provide better stopping power along with longer wearing brake pads.

Alloy Wheels: We re-vamped our alloy wheels changing the rim profile and the alloy used creating a mid 1500g set of wheels that you can train on or climb Mt. Baldy. The new M1C’s are laser welded to add strength and create a seamless brake track. Speaking of lasers, we laser etched the Mercury logo onto the rim creating a nice finish to the over all appearance of the wheel. Of course you can customize them with vinyl stickers if you would like. Available in both Disc or rim brake specific.

MTB: We offer a full line of mtb wheels all on the Enduro or Plus platform. We make them in 29er or 27.5 and in Carbon or Alloy. Also, our MTB hubs are fully convertible; able to fit almost any configuration your bike to include boost spacing.

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