Monster Media Racing adds Mountain Bike Team

Many know MMR as a top-level road team with Chapters all over the USA, Mexico, and Switzerland. Majority of our members also ride and race mountain bikes, Triathlons, and Cyclocross. For 2019, our goal is to better serve our members with our Partners gear and give them another community within each cycling verticle.

Our first addition will be the new MMR Mountain Bike Team that is now open and building for 2019. We are extremely excited about this announcement and we are looking forward to being able to serve our current and new members with a new national mountain bike community. This team will be open to the public by joining MMR Racing.

(Carlsbad, California) August 13, 2018 –  Monster Media Racing (MMR) is proud to announce the addition of our mountain bike program for 2019.   Leading this development, MMR has added industry veteran Jeremiah Dean to our administration, as director of mountain biking.  As MMR’s success on the road continues, it was the obvious next step in MMR’s evolution to add the discipline of mountain biking.  As mountain biking has seen great growth & popularity from the local to national level, it was only a matter of time until the sport was added to our group.

“Jeremiah’s stout resume makes him the obvious choice to head up our mountain bike program,” said Phil Tinstman, MMR co-owner.  “From running his own professional race team to developing the national series for USA Cycling, Jeremiah has had his hands on nearly every aspect of the sport.”

Jeremiah currently works for Wasserman, the sports leading athlete management firm, as well as having a lengthy pedigree in the sport – from racer, to photographer, marketing manager & entrepreneur.  Jeremiah’s background is concrete.  Responsibilities will include recruiting athletes for both amateur and elite categories, sponsorship procurement, team sales & marketing.

“I look forward to working with MMR and the countless athletes that will be a part of our program,” said Jeremiah.  “The opportunity not only lies within the elite categories of athletes that will represent the team but the multitude of budding amateurs that are looking for an opportunity to be a part of something bigger.  Assisting in the development of our younger riders will not only help our team but help build the sport of mountain biking.”

The Mountain bike program will focus nationally on all aspects of mountain bike competition, however, its main focus will be in the disciplines of cross-country, downhill, and enduro.  Membership opportunities to the cycling club will be available for all classes & categories of riders.

For more information, contact Jeremiah Dean at

Monster Media Racing Mountain Bike Team

Look for some more amazing announcements regarding our Triathlon and Cross communities in the next few months.

Steve Remy
Steve Remy

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