Chris Demarchi Wins Rosena Ranch 35+

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Rosena Ranch

by Chris Demarchi (MMRI)

Great race, great weather, a great showing from all the teams; Rosena Ranch is quickly becoming a top-notch course with small rollers, strong crosswinds, and a nice, 2-percent grade to the finish that can be difficult if the winds are howling.

On this day, the winds were not so strong, which meant it was pretty easy to sit in the group. A lot of attacks went, but all seemed to get caught with little effort.

The race was short and quick, about 45 minutes. 6 laps goes flying by. With about 2 miles to go, a very promising move went up the road with about 7 guys. MRI ENDURANCE had 2 guys in the move, Kayle LeoGrande and Gary Dueville, both of whom are great closers for us. I was worried about one guy out of that group. Kirk Bausch. He is riding super strong and has the ability to close.

I was ok at that point to give the win to the strongest man of the day, but I was certain it would come from one of those guys. It was to my surprise that Kirk Bausch’s team put 3 guys on the front to chase it down. Their team strategy was obviously different than what I was thinking.

Quickly, I had to change my thinking to finishing strong. As the sprint started to develop, there were a lot of maneuvers for position. At that point, Adam Livingston jumped hard to the right and I jumped with him.  We went clear. We did have Charon with us, but he had already been disqualified for crossing the yellow line, so I was not worried about him.  I jumped Adam Livingston with about 200 meters to go and finished with a win. My teammate Ryan Arnold finished in 3rd place. It was a solid day of racing for everyone.