Partner Spotlight – Hutchinson Tires

Every few weeks we will shine the spotlight on one of our great team Partners. We want to acknowledge that without them, our team would not be possible. With the best services and products on the market, it’s our duty to share what we all ready know, we have the best Partners!!

Our Partner Spotlight is Hutchinson Tires.        logo-1

For 160 years, Hutchinson has been designing and manufacturing high-performance products, essential to the comfort and safety of everyone on the ground, in the air and at sea.

Below are just a few of the phenomenal tires they produce.

We searched for it, We found it, Fusion 5 is born! During 2 years, Hutchinson teams have been working on a unique process allowing the HDF>5 to reach high level results on the 5 performance highlights of a tire : Grip / Efficiency / Durability / Puncture resistant / Comfort.

Fusion 5                                   fusion5

SECTOR 28 BWR    63e78d09-87eb-4339-b2de-14da9599c384

It’s the union of all HUTCHINSON Group intelligences, regarding research, development, and experience in the composition of the best cycling compounds.It is 105 combinations of compound mixtures, 80 000 miles on test benches, 21 000 miles on the bike.

Ultimate goal : offer to every cyclist the HUTCHINSON road tire which he deserves.

Check out the world of Hutchinson Tires.

Hutchinson Tires

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Steve Remy
Steve Remy

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