Partner Spotlight – VEO Sweat Diverting Strip

Every few weeks we will shine the spotlight on one of our great team Partners. We want to acknowledge that without them, our team would not be possible. With the best services and products on the market, it’s our duty to share what we already know, we have the best Partners!!

Our Partner Spotlight is Veo Strip.

This year we are excited to begin a new partnership with a company whose brand new product helps riders in a whole new way. Introducing to MMR the Veo Sweat Diverting Strip!

Veo started as an idea hatched on a long, sweaty climb up the Flume Trail near Lake Tahoe. With sweat and sunscreen running into his eyes, Veo’s founder thought there had to be a solution.

After trying nearly everything under the sun, headbands, hats, and skull caps, he decided to see if he could come up with something that really worked‐ without saturating or trapping heat, and while letting sweat do its job by evaporating from the skin’s surface. Relying on his experience and connections in the medical device space, he spent several years experimenting with different materials, adhesives, and manufacturing processes to perfect the Veo Strip.
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During the short period since Veo’s introduction, Professional cyclists, serious endurance athletes, and sweaty weekend warriors have discovered it as a terrific way to keep sweat out of their eyes in training and races. Hot hill climbs, time trials, spin classes, and long rows are just a few of the places athletes are using Veo.

In addition to providing the obvious benefits of preventing sweat from flowing into the eyes and onto glasses, Veo is based upon the physiology of “thermoregulation” in exercise, or how the body tries to keep itself cool. As a matter of fact, scientific research shows that the forehead sees an 11 fold increase in blood flow and a 2.5 increase in sweat production when athletic exertion causes body temperature to rise. This is greater than for any other area of the body, and certainly covering this natural radiator operates at cross purposes with the body’s cooling mechanism. Veo is designed to redirect sweat away from the eyes, but leaves most of the forehead uncovered to blow off heat. In addition, as a non‐absorbent strip, it allows sweat to perform its natural cooling function by evaporating from the surface of the skin.

During exercise your body increases blood flow to the forhead-specifically to radiate heat. Veo leaves your forehead uncovered to maximize cooling from sweat evaporation heat radiation, while channeling sweat away from your eyes.
We discovered Veo at a GranFondo this past fall, and were impressed enough to approach the company about a partnership for our riders. We thing it has the potential to be a great “secret weapon” in the upcoming hot weather. See the store for a discounted price on this great new product!


Steve Remy
Steve Remy

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