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Tour De Murrieta Race Report 35+ Race Report by Michael Johnson

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Three days of tough, challenging, gritty racing in which the promoter of The Tour De Murrieta puts on, is what Monster Media Racing is all about. This past weekend was one of several key events throughout the year in which Monster Media Racing focuses on where we can get together as a team, race hard, [...]

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Gary Douville Wins, UCLA RR 35+ 2014


I texted Cookie Friday afternoon and told him that I was 50/50 for the race on Saturday. I had just returned from a week long business trip and wasn’t feeling great. Thankfully, I woke up on Saturday ready to go and Cookie and I made the trip that we’ve made many times before. We lined [...]

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Ontario #4 Mid Season 4 Corner By: Hunter Grove


I arrived to the race just in time to see Jamie Paolinetti go solo in the 35+ race and take the win. I ate my typical pre race protein bar while Jamie shared some info on the course and possible race scenarios with me. Then our director, Austin Carroll led our pre race meeting. We [...]

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Sea Otter Classic Junior 15-16 Road Race 2013 By Christian Husband


Getting to Sea Otter Classic 2013 I was very excited to be at the event because it was my first year attending. I was also very excited to be going with the team because of the support of everyone. On Friday 4/19/13, the day of my circuit race I felt good going into the race [...]

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